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Beschreibung der verschiedenen Beschichtungen bzw. Entspiegelungen zur Veredelung der Brillengläsern von OptixDirect

Tradition and technology stand for quality and durability

The coatings of an ophthalmic lens provide clear vision in wind and weather and repel dirt, heavy wear and water. The further development of our coatings with constant high quality and longevity is our claim.


Currently the highest quality finishing with extra hard, superhydrophobic, antistatic and for maximum light transmission provided layers. Lenses with the Extreme coating are therefore particularly durable and offer a clear view for longer.


Based on a super-reflective and a water-repellent layer, the NoColor coating has a color-neutral residual reflex. This further increases light transmission. The eyes of the spectacle wearer are seen much clearer, without the sometimes annoying colored residual reflexes.

Lotus: HSET+, SET+

The water-repellent or superhydrophobic coating causes water and dirt to roll off particularly easily and impurities hardly stick (lotus effect). An antistatic layer additionally supports this effect.


HSET is a combination of a hard coating and a multi-layer anti-reflective coating (complete coating). Reflections are reduced to a minimum and light transmission is increased for a clearer view.

Hard coating: HART

The surface treatment on both sides with a hard dipping layer increases the resistance of the glass to scratches and other signs of wear. The hard coating gives plastic lenses a hardness similar to that of mineral spectacle lenses.

Mirrors: MIRROR

Coloured reflective layers on the front of the lens offer interesting effects. Depending on the intensity of the basic tint of the lens, a slight shimmer or a complete reflection can be achieved. The advantage of this layer is that reflections on the front side of the glass are absorbed particularly effectively.


Special surface coating to protect against potentially harmful blue light emitted from computer screens, tablets, televisions, LEDs, etc. Particularly suitable for office or workplace eyeglasses and for people who work a lot at the computer or monitor, as the coating enables sharper, clearer and more colourful vision and less tiring vision.


The UV filter offers comprehensive protection against UVA and UVB light at 400 nm. Ideal in combination with tints and reflections as well as for 1.5 plastic lenses. UV protection is a natural component of higher refractive lenses as well as polycarbonate and trivex, polarizing and photochromic lenses.