Optix Direct - German Lenses

As a privately hold company, we supply our optician customers with a wide range of spectacle lenses.

Our employees have intensive knowledge of optics and take customer satisfaction seriously, so that you are service-oriented and the production can demonstrate several decades of production and development experience.

Single strength, progressive, office or close-up comfort lenses as well as bifocal lenses made of plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex or mineral can be ordered. The already extensive delivery ranges are regularly extended. Different tints and reflections can be ordered. Transitions® or phototropic and polarizing lenses round off our glass range. For spectacle lenses ordered from Optix Direct, you can make use of the remote rim service.

Our offer is fair and competitive. Quality, service and partnership are important to us. This also means that we respond to the individual needs of our customers and distribution partners.

Convince yourself of our services and register free of charge under http://www.optix-direct.de/customer/account/login/

Before your registration can be activated, we need your proof as an optician or distributor.

Our contact details are as follows: Phone +49 211.98399-795, Fax +49 211.98399-658 or E-Mail to info@optix-direct.de